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How to run a native command ?
How can I run apps in their own window (Wharf-only mode) ?
How to set the Wharf-only mode ?
External tools

How to run a native command ?

  1. Create a new entity
  2. Select Process for the Type field
  3. Enter the (full) path in the Exec field
  4. Optionaly, fill the Arguments field
For example, to run xeyes, you should type:
  Name:     XEyes
  Type:     Process
  Exec:     /usr/X11R6/bin/xeyes
  Icon:     string:00
  Comments: Brings fun to your desktop!
How can I run apps in their own window (Wharf-only mode) ?

By default, applications runs inside the desktop frame.
But you can configure it so that each application will have it's own window.
They are still run under the same JVM.
Benefits are:
  • Applications are a little bit faster
  • This mode does less transformations to the application code, so it's more compatible.
  • You see each application individually in your native Desktop

How to run JDistro in this mode ?

Do one of the following:
  1. You can set the mode in the preferences
  2. If you installed JDistro using the installer, you can select the Wharf icon instead of the JDistro one or you can run wharf.sh instead of jdistro.sh
  3. If you run JDistro from CVS, pass it as an option on the command line: build/bin/jdistro.sh jdistro.mode=wharf
How to set the Wharf-only mode ?

If you want to always use this mode, just set it in the preferences. If you want to use it only once, you can pass it as an argument: jdistro.sh jdistro.mode=wharf
External tools

Some standard tools may be used when available. This is particulary true on Linux/Unix. These tools are used when there is no java equivalent:

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