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What are the shortcuts ?
How to control the mouse ?

What are the shortcuts ?

Right now, all the shortcuts start with Ctrl-Alt. The reason is that many users run JDistro over another desktop and so we need to avoid conflicts with the shortcuts of the native window manager. All these shortcuts are subject to changes.
  • Ctrl-Alt-B
    Move the selected frame to the back.
  • Ctrl-Alt-D
    Popup the desktop selector.
  • Ctrl-Alt-D
    Hide/Show wharf.
  • Ctrl-Alt-F
    Move the selected frame to the front.
  • Ctrl-Alt-H
    Grow horizontaly the selected frame.
  • Ctrl-Alt-I
    Reorganize the desktop icons.
  • Ctrl-Alt-L
    Lock/Unlock the desktop.
  • Ctrl-Alt-M
    Start/Stop the mode to control the mouse with the keypad.
  • Ctrl-Alt-N
    Switch to the next desktop. Ctrl-Alt-LeftArrow may work too.
  • Ctrl-Alt-P
    Switch to the previous desktop. Ctrl-Alt-RightArrow may work too.
  • Ctrl-Alt-R
  • Ctrl-Alt-T
    Reorganize the frames in tile.
  • Ctrl-Alt-U
    (for debug) Unlock the event queue. Usefull when a dialog is blocking.
  • Ctrl-Alt-V
    Grow verticaly the selected frame.
  • Ctrl-Alt-W
    Reorganize the frames in waterfall.
  • Ctrl-Alt-X
    (for debug) Escape the window manager mode.
How to control the mouse ?

First you have to activate the mouse control mode by typing Ctrl-Alt-M. Once done, the mouse pointer is controled using the keypad:

You can quit this mode at any time by typing Ctrl-Alt-M again.

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