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The soon  comming release of  JDistro (0.28) will contain  a unix-like
shell  written in  Java.  Its name  is  Jsh (like  almost every  shell
written in  Java) but it  is new. In  particular, it doesn't  use code
from the Jsh  Project leading by Gerard. Why ?
- because it uses the task model of JDistro
- because the java port of the GNU tools is very old, partialy  broken
  and didn't fit well with both JDistro and the terminal.

1.Available features

- Unix-like shell
- Variables $
- Pipe |
- Background task &
- Inner commands ``
- Aliases
- Can run JDistro entities
- Can run outside of JDistro

2.Missing features in this very first release

- No job control
- No redirection on entities
- No completion
- No flow control (while, if, for, ...)
- No function
- Many commands are missing

3.Available commands and utils

Alias                   Mkdir                   Sleep
Cal                     More                    Source
Cat                     Ps                      Test
Cd                      Pwd                     Time
Echo                    Read                    Times
Exit                    Rmdir                   True
False                   Run                     Unalias
Help                    Set                     Unset
Kill                    Sh                      Which

Please remember that these commands  are written in pure java. So they
can not get all the information  which is needed. For example, ps will
list the current running tasks of JDistro, not the real process.

4.Additional commands

Lsentities: List the entities of JDistro

5.Running on Linux

By default, the PATH is:

It means Jsh will first try to use the native command. For example, if
you type  'ps', it  will run '/bin/ps'.  If you  want to run  the java
version, type 'jps'  or modify your path by  setting [commands] at the

6. Running on Windows

There is  still some  problems due  to the backslash,  used both  as a
separator in paths and an  escaping character. This should be fixed by
using / as a file separator.

7. Availability

Jsh is distributed under the terms of the (GNU) General Public License
version 2 (GPL v2).  It is part of JDistro. It is  available on CVS. I
plan to make an independant archive asap.

Comments, bug reports, contributions are welcome.

Best regards, Guillaume

© 2002-2005 Guillaume Desnoix et autres